Linda C. Everson Artist Statements                                                             


‘Arborglyphs’ is the name for the Aspen trees that shepherds carved graffiti onto while they tended their animals in the lonely mountains of southwestern Colorado.  Documentation is currently being made of these older trees before they die and their legend disappears.   
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'Natural Abstractions'

Because I am an avid outdoors person, bits and pieces of the landscape (roots, rocks, vines, trees, grasses, palm sheaths, and leaves) are juxtaposed in my artwork in an abstract manner.  Because nature renews and invigorates me, it is a source of reflection and a catalyst for creativity and spirituality.   
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'Family Album Hieroglyphics'

When I first became involved with printmaking, I was totally involved with my young children. Our family took many trips in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. We hiked through the canyon lands and visited many unusual rock formations, Indian cliff dwellings, pueblos, and petroglyphs.
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'Shaped Paintings'

Although the gyrating, swirling figures in my art are loosely based on Michelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel, my themes of indiscreet pleasure are more congruous with the subsequent works of several Italian Baroque and Rococo artists. 'Ascension', 'submission', and 'rotation' are common denominators, but are portrayed in a more wanton and heedless manner.
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